Co-operative Management Training.
The Co-operative Management Training programme focuses on communication skills and self-awareness that are integral to the quality of the working environment.

Breakdowns in communication usually result from misconceptions and the differing working styles of individuals. This breakdown can produce conflict in the workplace, which in the worst case can lead to open aggression. The conflict management workshop of our programme will help to develop stategies for dealing with these situations

Conflict Management.
Training provides workplace development in order to deal with conflict and aggression in the workplace.

Although outright conflict or aggression is not always present there may be occasions where a difficult conversation needs to be managed. The ‘managing difficult conversations’ workshop will develop and practice skills and attitudes needed to work though a conversation. Remember that confrontation does cause stress and worry and takes a lot of effort to deal with head on. If you consciously look to being non-confrontational and practice good communication skills, then that goes a long way to preventing tension in the workplace

Listening skills are as important as questioning skills. A good listener will really hear and understand what the individual is trying to convey. Linked with this is the ability to ask appropriate questions which can trigger reasoning and creativity, so the acquisition of these skills are essential to good business and getting that important contract!

Coaching and Mentoring Skills.
In many organisations individuals need to be coached or mentored in the tasks that they are required to perform. This one day workshop introduces the delegate to a framework for coaching and mentoring by increasing awareness of the theories of learning to develop skills for the coaching process.

Presentation Skills.
Speaking in public whether to a large auditorium or a small group of people can be daunting. Even the most experienced orators get nervous before they start to speak. Our programme of presentation skills workshops takes the novice speaker and develops the dynamic confidence to prepare and deliver lectures and other training following a structured plan.

We are able to provide four levels of training to suit your needs. You do not need to start at the lower levels if your delegates already have some presentation skills knowledge.

Level 1 (Foundation)
Level 2 (Basic)
Level 3 ( Advanced)
Level 4 (Train the Trainer)


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